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    What is the difference between cover depth and total length of the valve?

    The dimension "cover depth" corresponds to the height between the upper edge of the pipe and the road surface. In the usual market definition, the following are added together: Valve height from the upper edge of the pipe + total length of the installation valve + clearance for the road cap (100 - 170 mm). The installation height of the valve can be very different for different makes of the same DN and should therefore be taken into account when ordering.

    What is the difference between an adjustable and a telescopic valve?

    The adjustable installation set is supplied in two parts, i.e. key rod and tube are separate. At the construction site, the height of the key rod is adjusted with an adjusting ring and then the tube is mounted. The assembly is, depending on the nominal width and total length, very time-consuming, as the square cap of the key rod has to be dismantled first. The end cap of the tube must also be dismantled and replaced on the protective tube after final assembly.

    The telescopic extension is supplied in one piece, i.e. the protection tube is already connected to the rod at the factory. Due to a built-in adjustment brake, the height can be infinitely adjusted to the road height. The assembly is also very easy and fast due to the tool-free DALMINEX clip-pin system.

    What are the advantages of a rigid spindle extension?

    Due to the technical and economic advantages of the telescopic installation set, there is only an advantage for a rigid square rod with a protective tube for installation lengths of less than 600 mm. The square bar and the PE pipe can be shortened to fit on site and then mounted. Telescopic installation sets are limited in their minimum height due to their non-sliding components (bell, square cap). With very short telescopes, the sliding range of the PE protective pipes then becomes very short.

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